• Danny Maggs

Our Love & Caution of Gaming

An industry that speaks a lot to us here at Maggs Marketing is the gaming world. Having grown up with early consoles such as the Gameboy, PlayStation one, and the original Xbox. Gaming quickly became a big part of our lives, and to begin with a pastime.

Having now moved into our mid 20s there is an opinion posed by some which suggests gaming in itself is a child like activity, antisocial and not “good” for you. However, in the world we currently have to live in, where we are regularly asked to stay at home, does gaming actually come into its own?

With the fairly recent release of the new “next gen” Consoles I.e. the Xbox series S and X, as well as the new PlayStation 5. There has been a massive race for consumers to get their hands-on one. With the extremely high demand outweighing the supply, getting your very own next gen console has been an uphill battle.

As we’re currently working from home and only really going outside to get essentials & the odd walk. Gaming for us has in someway become a godsend. We strive to meet our business objectives for the workday but there’s always the temptation to mentally switch off and indulge ourselves in the gaming world. With the ability to switch between games, engage in multiplayer battles and follow in depth single player story lines (which in some cases can provide 30+ hours of main story missions), gaming as an end of day release is attractive indeed.

Apart from the fact that gaming enables us to switch off after work, with the current world being stressful in a new sense I.e. not being able to see friends & family. Gaming as a pastime actually acts as a fantastic stress relief activity (for us anyway). We believe this is partly down to the enjoyment of the games themselves, but also the chance to connect with others online, whether that be long-term friends or new online acquaintances.

However there is a thin line between using gaming as a stress relief activity and actually over indulging, eating into your work time and overtaking your day-to-day priorities. From personal experience we have found it tricky to take a step back from our consoles and regain concentration for building our company.

We found the most positive approach for us, is to lay out the week ahead of us, with objectives and deadlines. But to have a “reward” type time to get together (digitally) and just for a short while, kickback and share our passion for gaming. Whilst our love for gaming as a hobby & way of connecting will never go away, it’s certainly by nature an indulgence which can be easily abused. Particularly in a world where for many, your work desk is quite often sharing table space with your gaming setup.

So whenever you choose to relax & begin your next gaming session (if you're on Xbox) why not connect & send us a friend request. Gamertag: MAGGS1380.


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