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Maggs Marketing commenced business in April 2020 amidst the first national lockdown. The idea for Maggs Marketing was to provide marketing solutions for small businesses, at a low-cost but still deliver results.

Having worked both agency and client side, our CEO (Daniel Maggs) realised that a lot of small businesses have quite limited knowledge in how they can effectively market their products or services. Whether this is down to budget limitations or not having the experience to utilise tools such as social media & to build a digital presence and brand.

Alongside our marketing expertise we are also able to offer our experience in the creation, updating or refreshing our clients websites.

Maggs Marketing aims to be the answer for these small businesses who cannot afford to go to a marketing agency and who cannot run campaigns in house. Here at Maggs Marketing, we do this by being precise and efficient with our clients campaigns and minimising any cost which would inevitably be passed onto the client. This saves them money, without compromising on results.

As a company we are still in the early stages as a business, however we have already run several successful campaigns for one client (Egg Day Nursery) and helped another (Little Thatch) create their own brand and website to suit the target market they are aiming for.

We will continue to seek out new clients who want to invest in themselves & their future. Working alongside them, we will use our experience & skills to give them top quality results, without it costing the world.

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